Why your AdSense Application Wasn’t Approved

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This is a popular question in any Google AdSense forum: why did my Google Adsense application get rejected?

The first step to getting forward is to plan carefully. There are so many reasons why your Google Adsense application may not be approved. But if you haven’t applied for google AdSense and you’re sure you’re doing a good job (thumbs up)!

Adsense application is one of the best ways to monetize your blog. Being one of the best and biggest advertising networks, they maintain a standard and quality by approving only useful websites for using AdSense.

They are strict and keep banning websites that go against any of their terms, conditions and privacy. The hardest thing is to make your AdSense application get accepted in the ad network.


How to properly handle AdSense application rejection


  • Interact with other bloggers

Nobody is a desert, you don’t have to face your problems alone. When you get rejected by Adsense, you get many reasons why it was rejected. The only way your AdSense application can be accepted in an ads network is when you understand the error message that was sent to you and how to fix them.

There are so many mistakes you can make as a beginner, why not relate to other bloggers to receive more insight from them. I faced many issues when I was unable to communicate to experts within my reach.

Get in touch with other bloggers on social media by asking relevant questions and commenting on their posts about the AdSense application. This research should be made especially for those that have been there for years and certainly, people will be happy to help.


  • Insufficient contents

This heading is really clear to understand. But I have in mind to throw more light on it. Adsense doesn’t have a particular length of what your blog post must be. But if you’re interested in writing content that will be featured on the Google search engine, it is recommended you write content above 300 words. It will help you avoid getting rejected in Google Adsense.


Also, you cannot apply with any website you’re still building, it must have at least 50 to 100 contents and a clear navigation path. Include all the necessary pages like privacy policy, about, contact us page.


  • Copyrighted materials

If your Google AdSense application got rejected telling you that your website contains copyrighted contents, then you’ve to review and clear those contents.

Copyrighted material cannot only result from a copy and paste of another website’s blog post. It might be a picture, videos, software, eBooks or many more. People who find it difficult to dodge copyrighted issues are mostly entertainment bloggers who from day to day download different pictures for their posts. For your AdSense application to get approved, your website must be free from copyright of any kind.


How to deal with a disapproved Adsense application?

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When any blogger’s Adsense application is rejected, it’s disappointing. This is the reason many newbies quit blogging, Adsense is not the end of blogging. Anyway, I’m not saying you should not reapply for Adsense. But before you do so there are things you should learn and take good care of.


What’s next?

This is it! I hope this article will help you get inside the ads network. Believe me, many other blog monetization processes will enable you to earn a passive income.

If you follow the steps below, your Adsense application will never be rejected. Good luck!

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