How to Write an SEO-friendly Article

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Make sure you write SEO-friendly articles if you want your business to grow without increasing your marketing budget. Optimizing articles and your website for both users and search engines is one of the most important things you can do to bring organic visitors to your page.

However, creating SEO-friendly articles requires time, determination and effort. Writing SEO content is the only way that can take your blog or your writing career to the next level.

When creating excellent content, there are two (2) perfect points of concentration: firstly, how to create quality content that will convert, engage, and then entertain your readers; secondly, how to make the content shown to those who need it (audience).

In this article, I will share some tips for writing an excellent SEO-friendly article.


SEO-friendly Article Meaning

SEO-friendly article as the case may be is simply a well-optimized unique top-notch article written with well-researched keywords to rank on search engines.


How do I write SEO-friendly content?

write a well detailed seo-friendly article

Many factors can guide you to create unique SEO-friendly content.

  • Choose nice keyword
  • Write unique contents
  • Optimize your images
  • Add links to previous content
  • Use headings/subheadings




SEO generally is leaning towards encouraging users to create a unique type of content. Finding the right keyword will help you dominate among your competitors and get a nice result from search engines.

Knowing that for a particular keyword there is a given timeframe. Choosing the wrong keyword will be a waste of time. There are many bases where you can choose the right keyword for your SEO-friendly article. Tools like semrush, AnswerThepublic, Ahrefs, Google keyword planner.



Writing Unique content does not mean you should write every word from your head or say something that has not been saying before. It means your content should be clear, different and not the exact copy from online.

Google is quick and very good at identifying copied content. There’s no reason for them to rank that particular page if found guilty of plagiarism.

There is one mistake bloggers make, copying an article online, and then adding their link. Google is not played, creating unique content is very important.



Optimizing your images in your articles is a great way to beautify and improve the reader’s experience. Image optimization is a great way to improve your SEO. Google can’t read a text in images, but they can interpret the content of the images to define images’ relevance. Fill in your specified Alt text and description titles with a well-researched SEO keyword.



When writing an SEO-friendly article it is necessary to include some statistics or points that could benefit the readers.

Adding links in your article either external or internal links helps your readers explore topics while staying focused on the main point.



Readers are likely to share your content after reading if found easy to read and understand. Using headlines and sub-heading does several works in SEO optimization. 

Search engines will surely recognise your headlines if it’s truly a good keyword. While explaining the headline or the sub-heading, try to answer necessary questions while incorporating some of your keywords.


SEO-friendly Article Writing Tools

There are many SEO-friendly article writing tools available to help you create better content of your own.


  • Hemingway editor

This is the kind of editor that reviews articles for SEO optimization. This editor highlights difficult sentences, passive voice, repeated contents and many more.


  • Keyword density checker

This website is a good one for creating an SEO-friendly article. It scans your text to find out how many times you have cited each keyword. This works well for beginners and very large content and you want to make sure your keyword is oversaturated.


  • SEO optimization

SEO optimization tool analyses your website or URL and then gives you an overview of SEO optimization factors.


How Do You Know If An Article Is SEO-friendly?

It is quite fortunate that most article ranking on Google pages is SEO-friendly. You can’t rank if you don’t have good and quality content as the case may be. 



Creating an SEO-friendly article is not an easy task, but many factors have made it easier for beginners and professionals to do that. Using the SEO-friendly Article Writing Tools is a great start. Well, optimized content will surely help in boosting your businesses online, that’s the reason you should optimize yours.

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