Kindle Direct Publishing: Is Amazon KDP Worth it in 2022

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Amazon kdp platform has been a great platform for writers and authors to publish their books and have them available in a different marketplace.

However, due to the ongoing competition, is Amazon kdp worth it?

I feel your pain, I’ve been there! Trying to get some necessary information to answer the question ‘is Amazon kdp worth it’?

As a self-publisher on Amazon for both low content and fictional books, I want to use my experience to help you to understand if Amazon kdp is profitable.

Before we dive into the main business of the day, I’ll explain how Amazon kdp works, how you can make a profitable income with it if Amazon kdp is free and many other frequently asked questions that I will have to answer.

Let me give you a general overview of your main search ‘is Amazon kdp worth it’?

Amazon kdp is worth it if you want to self-publish a book at a low cost.

My answer to your question is YES it is worth it. So Amazon kdp would also work for you depending on the work you put in (smart-work)

Be sure to read till the end because I have something special for you at the end of this article.

What is Amazon kdp

Is amazon kdp worth it

Amazon kdp (kindle self-direct publishing) is a simple business model where you can publish books either long reads (books with hundreds of pages), short reads (books with lesser pages), or even low/no-content books like Notebooks, log books, sketchbooks, colouring books, puzzle books, activity books etc. for free and get patronized from all over the world by the over 300m active customers of Amazon and also get paid directly to your Bank account.

Here is a typical example of how it works

Let’s say you create (not write) and publish a book and price it at $9.99

And let’s assume 100 people purchase the book on Amazon in a month, that’s simply $999 for you.

This is to simply inform you that Amazon kdp is worth it.

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How do you make money on Amazon kdp?

Amazon kdp has no financial outlay, this means that if you don’t outsource any of the work, any sales you make are very profitable.

And the royalties you make can be very high, ranging from 40% to 70%. So you can see that this is a very profitable business model.

To make a high and profitable 6-7 figures on Amazon kdp, there are three main strategies that most authors use.

  • Create a book, fiction or nonfiction and hope it hits the best-seller.
  • Outsource the writing of several books, and aim to make more money on the sales than you’ve spent on the writing
  • Create a high volume of low-content books or no-content books that sell in large enough volumes to make a good profit.

How much can you make with Amazon?

There are lots of Amazon kdp success stories out there and of course, you can be one of them.

There are NO either maximum or minimum limits to making money when it comes to Amazon. 

However it’s very difficult to predict your income, but it all depends on your smart work. Imagine asking yourself this question ‘how much can you make being an actor?’ you can stand a chance to make a huge income with Amazon up.

Well, I wouldn’t want to discourage you, it all depends on your strategies, talent and some good luck.

Is Amazon kdp still profitable?

Yes, it is still profitable in 2022 and still will remain profitable to God knows when. The reason is that the start-up cost is very low.

And you don’t need to have an inventory to create or publish your books on Amazon as it’s a print-on-demand business when a customer places an order for them.

How easy is Amazon kdp?

It is very easy to publish a book on Amazon precisely when you create a low/no-content book.

Steps to create a low/no-content books 

  • Create the notebook cover on canvas
  • Research for your keywords before upload
  • Upload a file of lined notebook paper you’ve created (bookbolt)
  • Decide your pricing
  • Then submit

Is Amazon kdp free?

This is to show you that amazon kdp is free.
Amzon kdp is free

The actual process of publishing a book on Amazon is free, which is amazing right?

I mean who doesn’t love free? It is 100% possible to join Amazon kdp and it doesn’t cost you any dime to publish a book on Amazon.

You can choose to pay for AMS (Amazon Advertising) if you would like, but there is never a need to pay any cent to make a profitable income on this platform. Anyone can join Amazon kdp as it is not made for specific kinds of people.

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Is Amazon kdp safe?

One of the best things is that Amazon kdp is completely risk-free. The only thing you stand to lose is time but when looking at this, your time is worth it because of your income.

There is no money lost and you can as well use your pen name and remain anonymous if you would like.

Unlimited uploads

Amazon kdp doesn’t have any limit on how much you can upload your books.

This means once you find a profitable niche, you can keep uploading your books to make thousands of sales in that niche.

Lifetime earnings

When you upload your books on Amazon, it is up there for life. So just because it doesn’t sell in the next couple of weeks doesn’t mean it will never sell.

This means that you can still be making sales of books you created 10 – 20 years from now. Not a bad deal tho!

So is Amazon kdp worth it?

I hope that by now I’ve answered your question and proved that Is worth publishing a book through Amazon.

So long as you do things the right way, you will surely get the profits from your little inputs.

In conclusion

The Amazon kdp is still profitable and an amazing platform for you to make additional 6 – 7 figures monthly and offers a great opportunity for writers/authors to have their books noticed around the globe. The bottom line is that Amazon kdp is worth it.

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