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Learn the secrets to real passive income growth from scratch with affiliate marketing accelerator Program

How to earn a minimum of #500k on monthly basis.

Discover  accelerator program Now!

Are you looking for a safe and steady income daily?

Look no further than the Affiliate marketing accelerator program AMAP hosted on many platforms in Nigeria. This course was created by Nwanneka Caleb, one of the best affiliate marketers in Nigeria.

The AMAP course trains you on how to make at least #500,000 every month just by recommending helpful products to people that need them and can afford them. This course has been one of the best affiliate marketing courses in Nigeria.

What is the Affiliate marketing Accelerator program AMAP

The Accelerator program contains more than 10 videos of thorough training, where Nwanneka Caleb himself will show you how he left his job and made up to #10 Million a month. Everything and exactly what you should do from how to generate free Traffic/Leads and how to maximize your sales to 10X.

Each lesson is understandable and up to date.

Your case is not different, by the time you have worked through these courses made by Caleb, you will understand it because he made it so simple to a layman’s understanding. It worked for me and other students who accessed the course, that’s the reason I’m sure that it will work for you too.

The course includes his Templates and Swipe files.

He exposed his little secrets of how he made 10 Million in a month including his swipe files, and templates. He also employed some social media influencers in Nigeria who also exposed how to generate free traffic through your social media without spending a dime.

In this above module, you will learn:

·         How to find and attract your customer using your social media Accounts

·         How to structure your page to get more followers

·         How to avoid Some little mistakes affiliate marketers make

·         And many more!

What you get when you join Affiliate Marketing Accelerator Program

In-depth training

This course will teach you from Beginner to expert, no matter where you are. The Affiliate marketing accelerator program will teach you how to reach the next level.

Quality teacher

best quality teacher

Learn from Nwanneka Caleb directly one of the best affiliate marketers in Nigeria with his tested strategies to help you scale through marketing obstacles even as a beginner.

Supportive Community “Affiliate Marketing Accelerator community”

Live Support

Get access to the community where you will be getting the latest quality information, feedback, and advice, and can connect with other students and make good friends.

Ongoing Live Support

Constant live support

The Affiliate Marketing Accelerator Program is not a “finish and forget”. This course is regularly updated with the latest information and strategies to make money as an affiliate.


This is one of the testimonies in Affiliate marketing Accelerator program community by Kingsley
By Kingsley

Affiliate marketing accelerator program AMAP
By Nwanneka Caleb “34 sales in a Day”

Frequently Asked Questions

How long before I can access the course?

Just seconds after you complete your order. This simply means, you can dive in directly to the training section and can start implementing the proven techniques immediately

How much is the course?

At the moment, the course is N30,000.

What am I getting from the course? 

·         The original Affiliate Marketing Accelerator program – Value N30,000
·         Access to his Free traffic source – value 20,000 – Free
·         Access to his Whatsapp templates and Swipe files N15,000 – Free
·         2 in 1 Exclusive bonus – Value N10,000 – Free

What are the best processes to market successfully?

Any legal means are accepted. You are not conditioned to use a particular means to market your product. You would be taught numerous ways to make it happen and all you need is to use any/all of these methods.

What equipment do I need to start up Affiliate Marketing Accelerator program?

All you need is your mobile phone or PC and an internet connection. Everything else is already done for you.
I have another job, would I be able to balance both?
A lot of affiliate marketers have a lot of other businesses aside. If you make use of the training properly, you would be able to make money from affiliate marketing even when sleeping using the skills in the Affiliate marketing Accelerator program AMAP.

Is there a need for referrals In Affiliate marketing Accelerator Program AMAP?

No, Affiliate marketing is not a referral business.

How do I get paid?

You’re paid directly to your bank account either Friday, Monday or every 2 days depending on the one you choose. So Friday and Monday are paydays.


The affiliate marketing Accelerator program is what you need to generate passive income online. I bet you should see this as a promo because you’re learning directly from the best Affiliate marketer in Nigeria Nwanneka Caleb.

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