How to Raise N30,000 to Buy the Affiliate Marketing Accelerator Program AMAP.

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How to raise N30,000 to buy the affiliate marketing accelerator program AMAP

Starting a profitable online business in Nigeria has been a challenge, and one of the greatest challenges people face is how to raise start-up capital.

Making money from affiliate marketing is not left out because so many people say, I am interested and can do the business but I don’t have up to N30,000 to start up.

I have done some research and as well asked some of my students how they were able to gather such an amount to access the course. With this, you can overcome this situation and scale through the stage of NO MONEY to a higher stage where you begin to give out money to other people as a charity.

I was thinking about this, and I asked myself, Eben, how did I raise my own money for my own business?”

How did I pay my N30,000 and why?

Below are the answers to the questions that might be going through your mind and how to raise your own money just to access the course.

The affiliate marketing Accelerator program AMAP

1.       Discover the reason why you want the Affiliate marketing Accelerator program AMAP?

A lot of people have the money, but they will say they don’t have it because of what they think will happen in future. This category of people is just dreamers. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. Wishes without action are just mere dreams, you need to leave the realm of wishes and take action.

Know why you want to join affiliate marketing. The best truth is for financial freedom which is one of the reasons for starting a business.

2.       Use your savings

I used my savings to get the Affiliate marketing accelerator program AMAP product. I had to borrow my own money because I always ensure I have savings.

My friend, check your savings and pull out N30,000. But really if you don’t have savings, that is a bad state for you. You have to save at least 10% of every income that comes to you at least with your savings account.

3.       Tell your parents to raise the money

If you’re a young guy or girl and you think your parents can assist you in a legitimate business, why not tell them? A closed mouth is a closed destiny not only when you’re talking to God. If they can pay your school fees through the university, why can’t they pay for you to learn a digital skill online that can change you for a lifetime? It is good for your parents to invest in the right part of their children because only school cannot do it. Remember money matters is the only thing your teacher cannot teach you in school. The affiliate marketing accelerator program AMAP is another school is digital school, the only difference is that in this one you have a guarantee that you will make money.

4.       Raise money from your friends and family

This subtopic is also related to the last one we just treated. You can talk to your friends or families who trust and believes in your potential. They can dash or borrow you the money to access the Affiliate marketing Accelerator program AMAP.


5.       Use loan apps like Carbon

There are many apps online today that can easily loan you money for you to start up an online business and carbon is one of them. I know a lot of people who borrowed money to as much as N100,000 and paid it back with interest within the next six months. Just go to your play store and type loan apps, there are many of them.

6.       Look for investors

There are many rich people you’re good too and find it comfortable to stay with. Either your pastor or any of your close friends. Try to pitch your business ideas to them and give them a nice offer and you see them giving you what you want.

7.       Partner with your friends to buy the Affilitae marketing Accelerator program.

If you don’t have the money to pay for the Affiliate marketing Accelerator program AMAP and your friend has the money, then the two of you can join hands together. In this way, the two of you will go through the Affiliate marketing Accelerator program AMAP together. When you make money from it you can get yours or probably continue with that.


After all this, you didn’t see any possible means just to raise the money and you still have a strong interest in the Affiliate marketing accelerator program AMAP. I advise you just be patient and give it time and also put it in prayer. God will open a door for you soon.

Here are the things you will get if you buy the Affiliate marketer accelerator program AMAP through me.

  • One-on-one close mentorship via a closed WhatsApp group.
  • Special Guide on how to access all the opportunities that are attached to the Affiliate marketing accelerator program AMAP
  • Affiliate marketing books for free
  • And many more

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