100 Things You Will Learn from AMAP

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AMAP (Affiliate Marketing Accelerator Program) is an affiliate program created by the best affiliate marketer on Expertnaire. This course has changed lives in this part of the world. AMAP is for both Beginners and professionals who want to scale their sales to 10X.

Can’t speak much of the course, you need to see for yourself what is happening on twitter. Just type AMAP or #AMAP and confirm.

The world is going digital and the internet has come to stay. All you need to do is to step up and learn a digital skill. Your mindset alone is enough for you to upgrade your digital skill to the next level. Nwanneka Caleb the best Affiliate marketer on Expertnaire, quit his job to focus on affiliate marketing as his full time job.

Your phone is one of the best things that has happened to you, you need to leverage it. Your phone should not be a liability but an asset. I don’t believe a youth in Nigeria has a good smartphone and still looks for money elsewhere. Your phone should not be a liability to you but an object to generate passive income for lifetime.

You should learn to  increase your earning power by upgrading your digital skills with AMAP just with your smartphone.

100 Things You Will Learn from Affiliate marketing accelerator program AMAP (Cost N30,000)

Here are the things I learnt from AMAP program.

This course contains videos, write ups, and swipe files.


COURSE NAME: Affiliate marketing accelerator program (AMAP)


how to make your first 5 million in 3 months without running paid ad and without owning your own product



Module 1



– The right mindset to succeed in affiliate marketing 

– what to focus on

– How to increase your focus and productivity level




Introduction to affiliate marketing 

– what affiliate marketing is all about

– The Accelerator method fo choosing the best affiliate networks.

– while choosing a product, what you should do.

– Do’s and don’t of affiliate marketing




Product Research 

– The money market, best niches to go for

– What you should know before picking products

– How to connect with product creators that need affiliates

– Why some products sell better than others




– Definition of a sales funnel

-Setting up your funnel for affiliate promotion 

-Linking your twitter/ Facebook and Instagram to your funnel





— Domain and Web Hosting 

-What to consider when choosing a platform to buy domain and hosting from

-How and where to buy your domain and hosting

-How to set up domain and hosting 


— Design

-How to come up with Landing page ideas

-Factors to consider when designing the page your audience likes

-How to Model Landing Pages that are already converting


-How to build the Landing page without writing a single line of code (You’ll also get my pro plugins for free)

-Live walkthrough — (Watch me build a landing page from scratch to finish)

-How to add more functionality to your website





– The Accelerator method to understanding your customer

– How to know where to get your ideal customers 

– Meaning of Boss traffic

– Best places to get Free traffic

-Creating your lead magnet, different types of lead magnet.

– Advert angle for each lead magnet




Tiktock Organic traffic 

– Understanding tiktock and the how to build massive traffic from ticktock 

– introduction to tiktok

– finding a niche

– growing tour audience

-content hack

– monitization technique

– Channeling your tiktock lead to your WhatsApp 




– How to generate leads from LinkedIn for your affiliate marketing businesse

– The best LinkedIn Marketing Strategies to generate leads every month

– How to create the right ideal buyer persona profile for your LinkedIn campaign

– How to optimize your LinkedIn profile to hugely increase your visibility and generate leads.

– How to find and connect with the right target audience on LinkedIn.

– How to build an massive database of thousands of your ideal clients using LinkedIn

– Access to amazing proven messaging templates

– How to write compelling LinkedIn messages to get you the results you want

– How to convert LinkedIn leads to real meetings and sales.

– The most effective LinkedIn strategies for maximizing your efforts

– How to easily send efficient cold emails to your LinkedIn connections




-Introduction – Facebook for business

-Profile Optimization and Media management

-Introduction to Personal Branding

-Steps to building KLT

– Content creation & Content marketing

– How to build a magnetic Brand

– Generating organic leads from Facebook




WhatsApp Organic traffic 

– Leveraging on WhatsApp 

– The leads multiplier effect




WhatsApp marketing 

– WhatsApp automation

– Dissecting WhatsApp status 

– Content follow up

– Authority positioning

– How to follow up

– Psychology of buyers, how to trigger it on WhatsApp from a newbie angle

– Do’s and don’t on WhatsApp marketing, topics you shouldn’t put mouth




Paid traffic generation

– How to create high quality Facebook page

– How to create your business manager and ad account 

– How to run high converting  Facebook ads

– How to target quality audience 




Gumrod Affiliate marketing 

– How to grow your twitter in the international market 

– How to get affiliate deals 

– How to close sales in the dms




Warriorplus affiliate marketing 

<img role=How to Get Started 

<img role=How to Create account

 ▪︎ How to setup account

<img role=Understanding the interfac

<img role=Revealing Payment gateway

<img role=How to Research for best Converting Products

<img role=How to apply and get approval for product

<img role=How to get Approved Products and Promote

<img role=How to promote with Free method

<img role= How to Promote with Paid  method




Partner stack affiliate marketing 

How to Get Started

<img role=How to Create account

<img role=How to setup account

<img role=Understanding the interfac

<img role= Revealing Payment gateway

▪︎ How to Research for best Converting Products

<img role=How to apply and get approval for product

<img role=How to get Approved Products and Promote

<img role=How to promote with Free method

<img role= How to Promote with Paid  method






-How will I write my content?

– How will I write my ad content too?

– What will I post on my social media accounts?

– How do I educate people on my WhatsApp status

– How do I write the copy on my landing page





Power of offer creation. 

– How to craft irresistible offers that can help you attract more sales as an affiliate 

– Offers can triple your sales as an affiliate

– Inside the offer that made me 4.1 million in one day, how you can create similar offers for yourself 




Inside my 100M funnel.

-A live case study of how I started from scratch, what I did at each point as an affiliate that increased my earnings from 10K ==> 100K per moth ==> 1M per month ==> 10M per month and 20M per month

– How you can replicate a funnel that can generate you 100M in 6 months or less, the maths and traffic involved 


Module 3


-Three live classes with 3 top affiliates 


Module 4


Twitter Organic traffic 

– How to set up your twitter profile 

– How to create engaging contents and viral content

– How to Sihpoon massive organic traffic from twitter to your funnel 

– How a 19 year old  went from 0 – 10K followers 3 months

Module 5

-The Big boys affiliate marketing 

-How to pull in massive cheque in affiliate marketing,  how to become a big boy in affiliate marketing


Module 6

Free graphics design class 

– Master How to create stunning and amazing graphics for your affiliate marketing business 

– SWIPE 1: AMAP Whatsapp/Social Media

And lots more.


I don’t know your reason why you want to make money online. 72IG was 30k when it was lunched and 62k now and people are still buying it. Now that AMAP has taken place you still want to wait till it turns 1k.

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